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That’s not just our slogan.  That’s our promise to you.

Don’t let the Goliath name fool you into thinking we’re bringing the big price tag.  With Goliath Soundworks, the only thing GIANT about us is our talent!

Goliath Soundworks is a full service DJ/Master of Ceremonies.  Available for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Anniversary Parties, Graduation, Retirement, you name it, if it needs good music and a great host to keep the people moving, then we can make it happen.   Our signed contracts mean you get what you want.  And nothing that you don’t.  From our attire to the song list to the scheduling, we’re working for you, and you’re in charge, from start to finish.  Your 100% satisfaction is our goal.



We’ve had the pleasure of working a large variety of events, from grand 300 person wedding galas, to small birthday parties and private family affairs.  Our fully licensed library of music can be custom tailored to your needs.  Need an Emcee to make announcements, introductions, and keep the event moving smoothly?  You want someone who’s spent hours behind a microphone.  DJ Gates has the golden pipes and the polished presence of a seasoned veteran.  You’ll know you made the right choice the first time you hear his voice boom out over the PA.  And with Goliath, you’re always in control from start to finish.  Whether you want to let us choose a playlist that keeps your guests dancing through the night or you already have your dream set list in mind and want full authority over what songs are played, you can rest assured that your event is under your control. Want to let your guests have a say in the songs they hear?  We’re happy to take requests. Already have you perfect playlist in mind?  We’ll play what you say, and only what you say.  As with every event, we will meet with you in person to work and come up with an approved song list that meets your satisfaction.  Your music, your way.  That’s our promise.


Once you book, all meetings and events will be handled personally by DJ Gates and his wife.  There’s no outsourcing or subcontracting here.  The person you meet is going to be the person who will show up and work your event.  All work is under contract, and invoices/receipts are given for each job so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re getting what you pay for.  Since we’re a single DJ operation, we don’t double book.  Ever.  Your day is guaranteed by your deposit, and our calendar tracking software ensures that once we have a job booked, that day can’t be reserved by anyone else.



Our prices are competitive and are often far lower than most big company DJs, who just take your money and assign your event to whoever’s available with no regard to your individual needs or wants.  With Goliath Soundworks, it’s personal from start to finish, and you will work with the same person, the wonderfully talented DJ Gates, from the initial, in-person consultation, the walk-through and quality check on day of your event, to the delivery and clean up, and all meetings/correspondence in between.  It’s the personal touch that puts us a cut above the rest.

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